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About Emerald Wave

Emerald Wave After a period of self reflection, I began to feel very different from my old self who painted under the name S. Nolloth, short for my given name Samantha Nolloth. Soon, I came up with my new artist name, Emerald Wave. I set to work creating a new signature and logo for Emerald Wave, which are represented on this website, my social media platforms and paintings today. Currently, I am finishing the release of my S. Nolloth in Abstract collection, which acts as a visual bridge between S. Nolloth and Emerald Wave.
The paintings on this website were all done as artist S. Nolloth, as you view them, you will understand that they were painted in a time when my life was full of travel and learning to paint; a time finding my painting voice, so to speak. I tried different genres of painting including murals and portraiture which are not viewable here. I taught painting for many years, specifically, for a mobile painting party company, which I founded in Nashville,TN,USA, called Coffee and Canvas. Many of these past painting adventures can be found via the web under artist S. Nolloth and Coffee and Canvas. I have fond memories of this time and I am happy to share that joy through all of my S. Nolloth paintings being on products! What an amazing experience to see a jig saw puzzle or shower curtain with one of my paintings on them! I am so thankful that the Fine Art America platform exists.
As for Emerald Wave, I recently started my first collection as EW; full of visions and insights, this collection seems to be telling my story and the story all human beings have the opportunity to experience. To honor the truth of my story, which is filled with healing, trauma, integration and expanded awareness, I will be sharing about modalities such as Network Spinal Chiropractic, Isha Kriya meditation, Plant Spirit Medicine, EMDR, Reiki, bodywork, Tai Chi and past life recall to name a few. My hope is that this collection will offer encouragement and insights that help facilitate your own healing journey. I will be releasing this collection in real time via Painter Emerald Wave on Instagram.
Love Always, Emerald Wave